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Sicilian cheeses selection

Sicilian cheeses selection

Vastedda del Belice PDO, Piacentino Ennese PDO, Pecorino pepato, Cosacavaddu Ibleo, Ricotta Infornata, Tuma Persa, Pecorino with pistachio, Pecorino with chili pepper. 

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Sicilian cheeses selection: Vastedda del Belice P.D.O. (about 550g - 19.4 oz.), Piacentino Ennese P.D.O. (about 500g - 17.64 oz.), Pecorino pepato (about 300g - 10.59 oz.), Cosacavaddu Ibleo (about 300g - 10.59 oz.), Ricotta Infornata (about 400g - 14.11 oz.), Tuma Persa (about 450g - 15.87 oz.), Pecorino with pistachio (about 450g - 15.87 oz.), Pecorino with chili pepper (about 450g - 15.87 oz.).

In order to preserve the freshness of products shipped, all cheeses are individually packaged in a protective atmosphere and are shipped in a special insulated container, with synthetic ice.

Vastedda del Belice DOP - Slow Food Presidium

The Vastedda del Belice is the only cheese made of spun sheep's milk. Its unique flavor is given by the particular composition of the pastures of the area where the sheep graze. The Vastedda del Belice is fresh, slightly sweet, very pleasant and can be eaten alone or accompanied by salami.

Ingredients: whole raw sheep's milk, salt, rennet.

Piacentino Ennese PDO

The Piacentino Ennese first appeared in documents dating from the fourth century. The etymology of the name comes from the dialect word "that likes". It's a sheep's milk cheese with a hard paste. The crust has a vibrant golden-yellow color and flavor, very delicate and particular, is enhanced by the aroma of saffron.

Ingredients: whole raw sheep's milk, salt, rennet, black pepper, saffron.

Pepper Pecorino - Pecorino Pepato

ThePecorino pepato is a cheese ripening long hard paste, used both as a table cheese, kitchen and grating. Its texture is hard, dense, pale straw color, the flavor is fruity and spicy and its aroma is pungent and pleasant.

Ingredients: thermised whole milk of sheep and goat coagulated with lamb rennet, salt and black pepper.

Cosacavaddu Ibleo

The Cosacavaddu Ibleo is a fine old tradition of Sicilian cheese. It seems, in fact, that its production has begun around 1400. Its characteristic shape of a parallelepiped is derived from the mode of aging: the forms are still tied in pairs with thin ropes and hung astride wooden beam - hence the name Cosacavaddu, meaning "cheese on horseback". It's a tough stringy cheese, eith a strong flavor and aroma, that persists on the palate. The taste is full bodied, rich and full, because the Cosacavaddu Ibleo is made with whole and raw milk of cows grown in pasturelands of Ragusa.

Ingredients: whole raw cow's milk, salt, rennet of a lamb or kid.

Baked Ricotta - Ricotta Infornata

The Ricotta Infornata is an old cheese, which you can already find traces in the '500. It's obtained from fresh ricotta, and it's characterized by its delicate taste and strong aroma of whey, together with the scent of toasted cheese product.

Ingredients: whey, cow milk, salt.

Tuma Persa

Tuma Persa is a typical Sicilian cheese, made for the first time many centuries ago, and now produced by a single dairy. It's rind and yellow-ocher and becomes dark after covering it with oil and pepper. The dough is tender, firm, tending to crumble, with little holes, white to yellow-straw colour. The taste is sweet or spicy (depending on age) but not salty, with a long aftertaste and aroma vaguely reminiscent of herbaceous, in fact you can find some beautiful infiltration of mold into shape.

Ingredients: thermised whole cow's milk, milk protein, goat curd, salt.

Sheep's cheese with pistachio or with chilli pepper - Pecorino fresco al pistacchio/peperoncino

Pecorino is a semi-hard cheese, made from processed sheep's milk, enriched with pistachios or with chili pepper.

Ingredients: pasteurized sheep's milk, salt, rennet, milk, pistachio/chilli pepper.

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